hybridcharger C250

Charging Units // hybridcharger C250

G-E-O-S hybridcharger is a battery charger for 12V batteries (lead acid, lead gel and AGM), which works with hydrogen and mains supply.

Because of the power spectrum, and its compact design, the G-E-O-S hybridcharger is ideally suited for mobile as well as stationary applications. The same basic principle here is implemented differently for each application.

While using the hybridcharger for mobile applications increases the period of operation or the operating distance and at stationary applications it overrides temporary main supply interrupts

Specifications hybridcharger C250

Power class
6.000 Wh/Tag

Supply at mains operation
115 V..230 V
50..60 Hz

Supply fuel cell system
Hydrogen 3.0
Pressure 5 bar

For charging 12 V lead batteries
(lead acid, lead gel, AGM)